DECEMBER 5, 2018

Work sometimes gets in the way of writing. So does trying to obtain information without getting replies. So does procrastination.

I have continued to write on yellow legal pads, although it has been sporadic. I guess part of me wanted more concrete information before really continuing with writing - at least that is what I tell myself. My latest column for the Norwegian American newspaper (see: outlines many, if not all, of the sources I have consulted over the last 2 years. I am sure I have missed something.

I have applied for another grant from the American-Scandinavian Foundation and will be applying for NEA Creative Writing grant as well. Hopefully this might give me the opportunity to travel back to Norway to do actual “creative writing” instead of focusing only on research.

Photos below: Norges Bank (building Thor worked in); View of Drammen; Cafe in Oslo; Book: Norges Bank during the Occupation