9 months later...

Life sometimes takes detours - hence my lack of progress on the search for Thor. The past 8 months have been spent helping my mom transition from her home (since 1962) to an assisted living facility. While helping settle her into her new place, her basement flooded at her house and months of phone calls, emails and endless haggling with insurance companies, contractors and real estate agents took up most my time.

My mom is now settled into her new apartment, slowly making friends and being taken care of, so my search for what happened to Thor can re-commence!

In July of this year, I decided to take a short trip to Hamburg, Germany to conduct research in the archive of M.M. Warburg Bank, the bank where Thor worked from 1928-29. He was awarded a scholarship to work there but so far there is no documentation of his role there. I was hoping to find some indication of what he did there but curiously there is no record of any Norwegian bankers working in Hamburg during this time period. I find this problematic because I know the Germans were (and are) excellent record keepers, so the lack of any relevant materials seems uncharacteristic.

I was able to obtain some photographs of the interior of the bank from that time period, which while interesting to see, does not help with why Thor went to Hamburg.

View of Hamburg and the Inner Alster Lake

View of Hamburg and the Inner Alster Lake