August 6, 2018

I am now back home in New York trying to figure out how to organize the information I collected in Norway, and how to connect it to the research I have already done.

On my first afternoon in Oslo, I headed to the National Library, which by sheer luck happened to be around the corner from the Airbnb I rented.  One of the librarians set me up with a computer and I began searching  using "Thor Einar Jensen".  One of the first results that came up was an engagement announcement. I had hoped to find this last summer in the Hammerfest newspaper office but was not able to find one at the time. The one I found was from the Tromsø newspaper. A town he did not live in, nor did his fiancé Ruth Hågensen (she was from Alta). He is listed with his job title of fullmektig (manager) and she was listed with the abbreviated term hjv. (homemaker). The notice was published 16 days after his death (22 Oktober, 1941). 

tromso paper top.jpg