MARCH 04, 2018

It's been several months since I have updated this blog.  I have been conducting research and luckily, have had some extremely timely assistance from Norway, Spain and Germany!

In my last post in October 2017, I started writing a monthly column for the Norwegian American, which is both a bi-monthly newspaper and website ( ). I am currenty writing my 7th article for the paper - if you search under my last name, Millman-Brown, you will see all the articles.

Writing these articles has been extremely helpful for me in trying to summarize all the various achievement and subsequent roadblocks. For example, you will recall me discussing Thor's diary of his hiking trip in Finnmark. In the diary he mentions a person named "Director V", who I have since identified - see:

I also have finally found a photograph of Norges Bank in Hammerfest, which dates to 1911, but I am sure this is what the building looked like when Thor moved to Hammerfest in January of 1941 - and moved into an upstairs apartment (sent me to via the Facebook group Hammerfest Historielags forum).