Day 24 - July 5 - DRAMMEN

Last day here - time to reflect on the trip - what I found out and what I didn't...yet.

One person who might have a clue as to where to find the "missing" church records in Hammerfest is on vacation until July 17 so I might have to wait until closer to the end of July to get the final piece. Keep watching the site for info.

I thought these photos might be fitting for my last day/night here. They are photos of me from when I was 2 years old on my birthday and waving a Norwegian flag. My mother brought me back for a months long stay - I was here for Norwegian Constitution Day - May 17, and for my 2nd birthday in June. I like to think this is why I can speak Norwegian fairly well, and have an interest in my Viking history.

The other photos show me with my grandmother Aase and my mom; and one with me and my uncle, Onkel Dag. Scroll down to see the larger photos.