Day 13 - June 24 - HAMMERFEST

Today was a day for reflection outside since it was finally sunny. There were many people sitting outside, walking, riding their bicycles, taking a break from the Hurtigruten cruise ship, eating ice cream. I spent the afternoon walking from one end of town to the other. I found benches here and there and sat and tried to take it all in - tried to imagine Thor walking through his newly adopted town in January of 1941 (of course it was dark 24/7, but they had streetlights).

In June of 1941, 76 years ago, was he planning his fottur (hiking trip) like I was planning this trip? Was he having a hard time sleeping also? Was he walking through town meeting new people and still getting to know the place? There are several places for images from Hammerfest (public library, Resistance Museum, local history center) online and I have added a few small ones here from before 1945 for you to see the town as he saw it.

Photographs from Hammerfest: all ca. 1935-1940

These photographs are from the local library and are awaiting copyright - so they are small jpgs temporarily. (From: Finmarksbibliotekets fotobase)